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ISOframe Express is a modular pop-up system perfect when speed, simplicity and stability are paramount. A super strong frame means that graphics hang perfectly and heavy media screens and tables can be attached easily all without tools of course, in true ISOframe style. Bespoke frames up to 4m high and 10 m wide can be manufactured rapidly perfect for larger displays.

ISOframe Express eliminates the awkward and difficult to attach end panel associated with pop-ups in lieu of graphic wing. The wing looks great and doesn?t fall off! The super slim 190mm frame saves you stand space too.


  •    Fast to assemble pop-up frame.
  •     Attach tables, shelves and media screens without tools
  •     Contemporary styling.
  •     Wide range of off-the-shelf systems.
  •     Bespoke shapes, sizes and designs built to order.
  •     Single frames 4m high x 10m wide possible.
  •     Cross-braced frame for amazing strength and stability.
  •     Cross-braced frame ensures graphics hang perfectly every time.

Click on the slideshow below & check out our range of displays we have put together, to give you an idea​ of what

can be achieved. Coming soon...

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